The Erie Planet Live Television Show

The Erie Planet TV Show

Every Sunday 1:30 pm Until 2 pm

On Xfinity Channel 66. With Host Erie Mosley & Doug Payne

Here is one of Philly's hidden jewels. The  Erie Planet TV Show is a diamond in the rough. The show is definitely entertaining. As this goes to press the show has featured entertainers like Charlie Brown of The Coasters performing  one of my favorites, "The Trashman Blues."

The show I am looking at currently is featuring the group Stepp 3 sing their release, Online Dancing. Tony Gilmore of Kool & The Gang is present performing, Heart on a Trip."

 But let me expedite this essay by giving you a snapshot of other performers. Jimmy Lee from Fat Larry's Band, Carman Bryant, John Hall also known as the, "Bossman." Vocalist, Mary Cross with songwriter Donald Robinson, Sisi Dash. The show also featured a group of two bass players, very interesting. Their names are Thanny & Tracyne. Look for them.

Another edition featured Atlantic City's sweetheart, Angela Burton. Rounding this show off was Tena Riley, Stan Smooth & Detra Waller.

Charlie Brown &


Charlie Brown of Charlie Brown & The Sound of the Coasters (Charlie Brown in the middle of the picture),

Performing his new release, "The Trashman Blues."


John (The Bossman) Hall

John Hall with his new release called, "The Bossman."

Valerie Ford

Internationally known vocalist. Former singer with Philadelphia based group Philly Cream/Interstate 95.


Valerie will be making an appearance in the upcoming movie, Erie Planet Live, starring and produced by Eric The Producer & film wizard,  Syyed Muhammad. (see below)

Erie Mosley

The Producer of Erie Planet Live

Coming Soon!

The Movie

Erie Planet Live


Erie (Eric The Producer)) Mosley


John (The Bossman) Hall

Others include:

Antwan Timbers

Martin Lee, Jr.

Mollie Nelson

3/3 John Bastas

DJ Big Brotha

2/3 Lee Madison

Jeremy Delvelle

Chris Nelson

Tim Lumber

Rick Lindinmuth

Coby Jackk

Adrienne Young

Music By:

Fyrstorm Band


John Hall

Tribute To The Legends

Steve Cofield & Sweet

Valerie Ford


Syyed Muhammad


John Hall

Assistant Producers

Khalil Thompson

Rhonda Supreme

Special Thanks To

Chuck's Alibi Lounge

This is an Erie Planet Production

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Is It Saturday? Is It 1:30 PM

If so you should be watching The Erie Planet Live. 

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