Stella James

Who is Stella James? Don't know, let me bring you up to date. 
Stella James was born and raised in Philadelphia Pa., at the time of hardship, segregation and turmoil, her solace was music.  She was introduced to Patti LaBelle Luther Vandross, Patti LaBelle, the Temptations, Gladys Knight, and the Pips, and so many others, and soon these artists and many more became her way of escape. Often being too shy to speak up, often hindered Stella from many opportunities to take center stage and share with the world her passion, which was singing and songwriting. Today Stella James is a lot older and wiser and has overcome her nervousness and fear to finally be able to share and do the things she loves to do on stage, and that's singing.
Stella James has performed with several bands and use her voice and certain plays as a vocalist and actress. Stella James has remained modest and humble, and our only desire is to do the things she loves the most in this world - and that's to sing.
I introduce to you, Stella James!