Norman (Big Norm) Strother

Norman Strother

(Big Norm)

Here's some bio info; Big Norm "Oldehead " was born in the 50s and began his musical career with the Broad Street Gang in the funk and disco era of the 70s. He was self taught until he met Kool Jazz who taught him how to play blues. It was this blues education that laid the foundation for Big Norm to move onto Rock and other genres of music. When he later joined the US Army Bands program played guitar and percussion around the world. This education gave Big Norm a manifold approach to the guitar and music in general and he grew from there.

He has five releases that are currently in play and can be found on Sound Cloud. But best is available right here at Don't just stand there get to clicking. 

Breakin' News Big Norm just sent in a song concept today called, "Almost Fusion Blues. We are going to put it out there for our audience to yay or nay. Get with the program.

1. Apartment 140

2. Too Much Bourbon

3. Uncle Funkle

4. Funk

5. Quarantine Bourbon Pentatonic Blues

6. Tone Not Speed (available here)