Shawn Touhill's South St. Strays Live at The Soundbank 2/24/23. In celebration of the 2Hill one year anniversary, is now available for your listening pleasure, artist direct only, via digital download for $22.22. Just leave your email in the private note attached along with keywords "South Street Strays". 

One hour of original 2Hill songs including "Right beside you", "Ice and Purple Alcohol", "Sow good 2 know good" and more, with special treats all throughout including a key change and sax solo in "Oh! My Heart!". It also includes a new 2Hill song. 

South St. Strays Live at the Soundbank  Here it now!


Shawn w/Monica of The Canadian Tuxedo

CD - Love Story of Philadelphia - Featuring Shawn on Guitar & Vocals Click Here

Tou whom it may delight, 

I released an all original double album in February on 2/22/22. It's called 2Hill. 

$22.22 + shipping for a CD and I send it signed by mail. Signed USB guitar-shaped flash drives containing full album and artwork are also available for $33.33 + shipping. Everything you hear and see from the design, production, and instrumentation is my work. I mail it out within the week, signed and specially sealed. 

I express my gratitude to all of you who have already collected yours, as well as my excitement to those yet and looking forward to, I hope you enjoy it forever, I thank you wholeheartedly. There are 222 CDs currently. The original 222 will be distinguishable from the rest because the inside track list was never supposed to be backwards, yet hold it up to the rearview, and it's awesome. There are a remaining amount of the original 222 left, and once the next batch of 222 are produced, the tracklist on the inside cover will be "corrected". Hopefully further insuring a collector's item. I wanted to deliver something that no other platform could offer, so I packaged the CDs in the most personalized way I could, starting with a signature. I hope everyone who received it enjoyed it as a personal momento. For more data click here >>>

Thank you and enjoy! 


Shawn 2hill 


Shawn Touhill

Multi Instrumentalist; Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys Sax

Shawn is the featured musician in a number of entertainment situations.

Shawn has been a moving musical force for The Blakk Diamond Band, The Dirty Soap Band, Kamakaze, The Bosom Band-with vocalist, Monical Lynne Chase, and Madam Love. Outside of his instrumental escapades Shawn is also a serious vocalist.

You can find Shawn on a few CDs exercising  his musical muscle instrumental as well as vocal . Listen to Dirty Soap Band's, Love Story of Philadelphia & Madam Love's, Madam Love.

As was stated previously, "People can't get enough S T."

Shawn's foundation in poetry is evident when you hear some of the lyrics he has penned for various songs.

He has the appearance of being a guitar player but as you can see from the above he is a well rounded musician.

I have personally been in the presence of Shawn when he has dabbled in other instruments, he even played drums for yours truly at a festival or two. 

Guitar,drums,bass,vocals, keyboards, sax, lyrics,  poetry. Kamakaze, Blakk Diamond Band featuring Valori Steele, The Bosom Band. with  the vocals of Monica Lynne Chase and when you think, "that's a wrap." you have  Philadelphia punk band Fight, Fuck, or Dance, w/Viletones, Freddy Pompeii. Guitar for Dirty Soap, the Bassists for Cowboy Bohemian also featured as one of the guitar players in the Rock n roll outfit, Hellings.

Everybody wants a piece of S T. Don't just stand there! Get on the band wagon