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The Planet Mars

The planet Mars (also known as the angry red planet). Is the Ruler of the sign of Aries and the sign of Scorpio (some say Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto-now classified as a planetoid or dwarf planet-and co ruled by the planet Mars. But I am old school.

The fundamental aspect of mars is represented by energy unbridled. Most astrologers believe this to be a male aspect, As a social phenomena this is represented as aggression, war, combat, conflict,etc.

Where as Aries represents overt aggression, Scorpio represents subvert aggression. But both represent defense of the planet, the state, and on a personal level the body.











October 21 - November 22

November 3,2020 captures the essence of Scorpio. On that date Scorpio native, Joe Biden, born at November 20, 1942 at 8:30 AM, was elected President of the United States. (Cancer, July 4,  1776) Defeated the President Donald J. Trump - Gemini.

A number of astrologers believe that Scorpio represents the deep & the mysterious, some say occult. And this what we have with the election of Joseph Biden. A Scorpio winning an election in the month of Scorpio.

The intellectual calculating aspect  of Gemini-Donald Trump- has stirred the waters of the USA (Cancer a water sign) Making the citizens of this Cancer country get a little edgy. So the air of Gemini was expelled in order to please the emotional character of the USA.

This will be a world shaking event. Mankind will be cast onto the astrological waters of Scorpio & Cancer like Noah in the ark the waters will eventually seep back to the earth around the time of Capricorn (earth sign).  Leading  to a rainbow around the time of Aquarius.

This will be an emotional time period for people around the world, especially for people of the USA. What is recommended here is calm the emotions because to much unbridled  emotional activity can lead to even greater problems. It is a good thing this emotional activity will be tempered by the wisdom of Sagittarius during the last days of Sagittarius leading to a relative calm of mid Capricorn. 

With emotions running very high, the keywords here is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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November 23 - December 21

A lot of individuals believe that Sagittarius has something  to do with Kentaurs/Centaurs. But what I would like to stress is the more universal appreciation of Sagittarius. It is at Sagittarius man emerges from the beast. This points to the fact that prior to Sagittarius life is of an elemental nature leading up to a plant nature followed up by animal nature. At Sagittarius the human consciousness  began to be tempered with a smattering of intellectual activity. Producing wisdom.  And wisdom is what is being called for here.

Climate change, pandemic, political  shenanigans, economic collapse, systemic racial oppression, I don't have the band width to continue. But what this means is that the world needs to climb out of his/her beastly nature (selfish). Here is where the rubber meets the road. 

Some of the features of Sagittarius should be brought to the fore. Outside of wisdom, we have optimism, and above all we have the Sagittarius eye coupled with the arrow. And whatever a Sag puts his/her eye on is bound to be hit.

The population as a whole should began exercising some of these Sagittarius features for the good of the planet.  Did I say planet? Don't you mean nation, state, tribe, group? No, all of these things became moot the minute we became acquainted with space travel.

Sagittarius represents to total of humanity emerging from the beast.

Make it happen. See you next month for Capricorn.




Jupiter or Jove Pater

Jupiter the ruler of the sign Sagittarius. The dynamic activity of Mars is giving guidance, wisdom and levity. On a Social level the  planet Jupiter provides the qualities necessary for human and social development. On a personal level it allows the individual to become a person as being opposed to an- and I use the word lightly-animal.

As our solar system developed Jupiter with it's massive size and gravity  helped to develop our solar system. And protected our planet from marauding meteors, comets, and asteroids. Even today Jupiter protects us from numerous intruders from space.

And finally Jupiter being the happy planet lends some of this Joviality to earthly personnel.